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Yudisium and Graduation Info on May 2014

In accordance to the Rector Decree of Udayana University Number: 257/H14/DT.03.01/2008, on the 3rd Period 2014 of Academic Calendar, the 109th Graduation of Udayana University is held at the 10th of May 2014, which is located on Widya Sabha Building Bukit Campus, Jimbaran Bali.

In regard to this matter, the Yudisium Postgraduate Program in Udayana University for the 74th of its 3rd Period, will be held at the 7th of May 2014, located on the 3rd Floor Hall, Postgraduate Building, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar.

  1. Yudisium Requirements
  2. Graduation Requirements
  3. Udayana University Graduation Online

BPP-DN 2014 info

In accordance to the published letter of the Director of Lecturer and Lecturing Staff in the General Directorate of Higher Education Number 583/E4.4/2014 dated at the 7th of April 2014 on BPP-DN for Lecturer and Lecturing staff in 2014, which stated that full time lecturers are to ensure their education history on PDPT database has been fully filled, then adjustment on the registration system has to be done. Therefore, the schedule on the Period of Filling Registration; which should have been started at the 8th of April 2014, is postponed up to this registration system adjustment finishes.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. Please keep on updating the information on this page, thank you.

Source : http://beasiswa.dikti.go.id/bppdn

BCF Scholarship 2014 Grantee Recruitement

Bakrie  Graduate Fellowship (BGF) or Bakrie Postgraduate Scholarship is a scholarship package that is provided by Bakrie Center Foundation (BCF) to postgraduate students. This scholarship is granted to postgraduate students of Master Program in their 3rd Semester or fresh graduates for a time length of 12 months.

Registration is done manually starting from the 25th of March up to 10th of April 2014 by filling the Registration Form. This registration form may be downloaded at www.bcf.or.id.

Registration requirements:

1st phase selection will be done by a team from the Postgraduate Program, which is pointed out by the Rector. To this need, the proposed grantee candidates are obliged to attach:

  1. Legalized Bachelor Degree Certificate,
  2. Legalized Bachelor Degree Academic Transcription (GPA > 3,50),
  3. Legalized Master Degree Transcription (GPA >3.50),
  4. Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.50, without any D mark
  5. Pass the leadership criteria assessment that will be done by Bakrie Center Foundation
  6. In writing final assignment/thesis, students grantee of the scholarship are obliged to conduct their final assignment research in MAJOR RESEARCH FIELDS, which is a priority to the UNIVERSITY as mentioned in article number 4.
  7. Research done by students grantee of the scholarship must be in collaboration with one of the main research facilities under LPPM coordination, which belongs to the UNIVERSITY.
  8. Students grantee of the scholarship are obliged to finish their master degree in at least 12 months of the valid Academic Year Period.
  9. Students grantee of the scholarship must hand over their Curriculum Vitae (CV), which inputted with academic competence and preferred organization experience in form of organization leaders, working or opening business while studying, writing articles in printed / electronic papers or scientific publication, academic or non academic achievement, and volunteering in official organized institution such as LSM, PMI, ORMAS, etc.
  10. Students grantee of the scholarship are obliged to write publication article in minimum of 600 words for every semester regarding matters that related with the thesis research or other strategical issues related with Bakrie Center Foundation (BCF) program events. The referred publication is in public (regional) printed / electronic papers. As a writer, you should also write “Grantee of Bakrie Graduate Fellowship”.
  11. Documents of organization, work, business experiences, and volunteer/activities attended.
  12. All those files above along with the registration form must be sent to Postgraduate Program Secretariat of Udayana University before the 10th of April 2014.

Through this phase, grantee candidates will be named and sent to the BCF in Jakarta.

2nd Phase Selection/Leadership Criteria Assessment

One of the strength of this scholarship program is that it gives birth to candidates well versed in academic and leadership. Therefore, aside of the academic ability in the 1st phase, BCF will also conduct an assessment to leadership potential of the grantee candidates through interview. Invitation on interview will be sent directly by the BCF to the grantee candidates by phone and/or e-mail.

For further information, you may contact Postgraduate Program Secretariat of Udayana University, Phone. (0361) 223797 Fax. (0361) 247962 Denpasar.

BGF Scholarship Manual 2014 (Bakrie Center Foundation)

Dikti Scholarship Info 2014

As an effort to increase academic quality of lecturer and lecturing staff, Directorate General of Higher Education reopened up the registration of domestic postgraduate education scholarship (BPP-DN) for allocation in the year 2014. This scholarship program is intended to full time lecturers in University under the Ministry of Education and Culture, full time lecturing staff (Public Servant) in University under the Ministry of Education and Culture, Kopertis office Public Servant, and Public Servant at the Directorate General of Higher Education main office. Registration and Manual on this matter may be accessed on the page http://beasiswa.dikti.go.id/bppdn starting from the 31st of March up to 30th of May 2014.

Source : Notification Letter of Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of Education and Culture

Udayana University Postgraduate Program Yudisium

YudisiumToday, 19th of March 2014, Udayana University Postgraduate Program held the II period of the 73rd Yudisium event, which takes place at auditorium hall of Postgraduate Building, Sudirman Campus. In this event, the Director Prof. Dr. dr. A.A. Raka Sudewi, Sp.S(K) congratulates 77 candidates, which are 69 people from the master program and 8 people from the doctoral program.

Prof. Dr. Made Budiarsa, M.A., as Director Assistant I in academic administration said that in this period, there are 77 graduates from either master or doctoral program. Academic achievement gained by these candidates in this second period are: out of 69 people in master program, 5 people (7,25%) graduated with a title of Cum Laude or meritoriously and out of 8 people in doctoral program, 3 people (37.50%) graduated with a title of Cum Laude or meritoriously.

Up to this moment, Udayana University Postgraduate Program has successfully graduated 5.004 masters and 346 doctors. This number also includes candidates, who are congratulated by the Director this morning. The current number of students who are still finishing their studies are 3.074 master program students and 727 doctoral program students.

Extended Scholarship of BPP-DN Doctoral Program for students of the year 2009

Based on the hand letter of Directorate General of Higher Education in the Ministry of Education and Culture Number 325/E4.4/2014 on the Extended Study of Doctoral Program of the year 2009, then we hereby announce that study expense funding extended proposal will also be given to BPP-DN grantee of the year 2009, which has not receive full extended for one year, with regulations as follow:

  1. Referred lecture is still actively doing research and has to upload Reclusive Exam Schedule (Doctoral Proposal) that is authorized by Postgraduate Program until August 2014;
  2. Uploading and edit of status are on page http://studi.dikti.go.id and should be done before the month of July 2014.
  3. Uploaded file must also be delivered to Postgraduate Program of IT Division in order to receive user and password of logging in to http://studi.dikti.go.id.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Doctoral Program Extended Study of the year 2009

Info on extended BPP-DN Dikti

Dear grantee of BPP-DN in the year 2010

In the effort of increasing service on Domestic Scholarship of Postgraduate Education (BPP-DN) Doctor Program (S3), it is informed that full time university lecturer under the Ministry of Education and Culture; grantee of BPP-DN in the year 2010, has been provided with extended time facility in maximum of 2 (two) semesters for BPP-DN in the year 2004 by the Directorate General of Higher Education, with requirements as follow:

  1. The following lecturer is still actively doing research as mentioned above; has to upload progress report on study, which is signed by the Promoter and Head of the Program on the page http://studi.dikti.go.id starting from the 17th up to 22nd of February 2014.
  2. Lecturer grantee of BPP-DN in the year 2010 to immediately contact Postgraduate Program in IT division to acquire username and password, which will be used to login on the page http://studi.dikti.go.id.

Thank you for your attention.

Info on Yudisium and Graduation

According to Udayana University Rector Decree Number: 257/H14/DT.03.01/2008, Period II 2014 on Academic Calendar; the 108th Graduation of Udayana University is held on the 22nd of March 2014. In correspond to that, it is announced to all candidates of graduation students of Master (S2) or Doctor (S3) Program in Postgraduate Program Udayana University, that the 73rd Postgraduate Program Udayana University Yudisium in Period II will be held at the 19th of March 2014. Yudisium registration will be started at the 3rd of February up to the 6th of March 2014, while file acceptance is due at the 7th of March 2014 at the Postgraduate Secretariat Udayana University Jl. PB. Sudirman Phone. (0361)223797 Fax. (0361)247962 Denpasar, every working day starting from 09.00-14.00 PM except for Friday that only open up to 12.00 PM.

Download Graduation and Yudisium Requirement on March 2014

Info on New Students Admission 2014

Postgraduate Program Udayana University will announce admission for new students’ candidate in the academic year of 2014/2015 that intended for all programs (Master (S2), Doctor (S3), Specialist (PPDS) Combined Degree and Professional Program. The tentative schedule of students’ admission is as follows:

1. Online Registration may be started at the 3rd of March – 25th of April 2014

2. Selection (Interview, TKD, TPA, and TOEFL) is held at the 9th – 23rd of May 2014

3. Requirements are according to the Registration Manual Book.

Online registration may be accessed through: http://pendaftaran-pasca.unud.ac.id, if there are further questions, please contact Postgraduate Secretariat Unud Jalan PB. Sudirman Phone. (0361) 223797 Denpasar.

BPPLN Dikti Scholarship 2014

As an effort to raise university lecturer and staff academic qualification, Directorate General of Higher Education through Directorate of Lecturer and Staff has once again announced the registration for Postgraduate Scholarship Abroad (BPP-LN) for the year 2014. This scholarship program is intended for full time lecturer in the University under the Ministry of Education and Culture, as well as full time staff in the Public University and/or Head Office of Directorate General of Higher Education.

For full time lecturer and staff as mentioned above, who are interested in applying for BPP-LN may register in daring (on-line) through the page http://beasiswa.dikti.go.id. Manual for BPP-LN Directorate General of Higher Education in the year 2014 is as attached or may be downloaded at the page http://beasiswa.dikti.go.id and http://studi.dikti.go.id.

For applicant of BPP-LN in the year 2013 who has not pass the selection and/or the selection announcement has been canceled due to the destination change of University to study, is welcomed to apply again according to the regulation mentioned in BPP-LN manual above, as well as redoing file selection and interview for the year 2014.

BPPLN Announcement

BPPLN Manual ver2 2014