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(Indonesia) Hasil Penetapan Perpanjangan BPP-DN angkatan 2011

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(Indonesia) Hasil Penetapan BPPDN Tahap III

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(Indonesia) Info Perpanjangan BPP-DN Angkatan 2011

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Info on 2nd Phase of New Students Admission of Even Semester

Postgraduate, PPDS, and Profession Program Udayana University will reopen 2nd phase of new students admission of even semester year 2014. Online registration will start from the 17th of November up to 10th of December 2014 through http://pendaftaran-pasca.unud.ac.id. The programs that will be accepting new students on this 2nd phase are:

  1. Animal Husbandry Master Program
  2. Dry Land Agriculture Master Program
  3. Veterinarian Master Program
  4. Economy Master Program
  5. Management Master Program
  6. Accounting Master Program
  7. Anatomy Pathology Specialist Doctor Program
  8. Accounting Profession Program
  9. Pharmacist Profession Program
  10. Veterinarian Profession Program

Info on the Establishment of 2nd Phase Lecturer BPP-DN Grantee

Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture has established the result for Master (S2) Lecturers and Doctor (S3) Lecturers 2nd phase Postgraduate Education Domestic Scholarship Grantee in year 2014.

Establishment Agreement of 2nd Phase BPP-DN Grantee Year 2014 Udayana University

Info on 3rd Phase BPP-DN year 2014

Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia, reopened the chance to apply on the 3rd phase of Postgraduate Education Domestic Scholarship (BPP-DN) for full time lecturer of university under the Ministry of Education and Culture. The application of this 3rd phase BPP-DN is aimed for lecturers who has not apply for the 2nd phase of BPP-DN in 2014 and for full time lecturers who are in ongoing status of student year 2013, or have not receive any status during the 2nd phase.

Lecturers Candidate BPP-DN Grantee in 2014 are immediately apply through the page http://beasiswa.dikti.go.id/dn that may be accessed again starting from the 26th of October up to the 29th of November 2014. We would like to remind that lecturers who are permitted to apply on this phase are full time lecturers and already possess National Lecturer Identification Number (NIDN).

Integrated PKM Postgraduate Program in Nusa Penida


In the event of its 22nd anniversary, Postgraduate Program Udayana University has once again fulfilling its three dharma in form of environmental care, which is through integrated community service at the 16th-17th of October 2014. The Director of Postgraduate Program Udayana University, Prof. Dr. dr. A. A. Raka Sudewi, assert that the location for this year services is focused in Sakti Village, Nusa Penida. This location chosen since aside from the fact that this village is one of the assisted village for Udayana University , its future development potential is quite prospective, especially those related with tourism and agriculture/animal husbandry sector.

Head of the Committee who is also the Assistant Director II of Postgraduate Program Udayana University, Prof. Made Sudiana Mahendra, PhD that leads and direct this event also represent Director of Postgraduate Program in opening the event at the Village Office Sakti, inform that this service event includes 7 programs from 34 programs available and staffs of Postgraduate Program Udayana University, in total of 70 people. Each programs led by its own Head or Secretary of the program, which are: Master of Environmental Science (Dr.Ir. I Wayan Nuarsa, MS), Master of Community Health, Master of Tourism Studies (Drs. I Nyoman Sunarta, MSi), Master of Dry Land Agriculture (Dr.Ir. Luh Kartini, MS ans Dr.Ir. I Gede Wijana, MS), Master of Animal Husbandry (Dr. Nyoman Nuriasa, MS), and Master of Law (Dr. Ni Ketut Supasti Dharmawan, SH, MHum, LLM).Nusa3

Prof. Mahendra assert that the event held for 2 days has been done simultaneously at 4 different places. Matters of environment and health, that took a topic of hygiene and sanitation as well as waste processing with a concept of 3R, focused at Public SD I Sakti for school students and teachers. For PKK mothers, they are concentrated at the Village Office with a topic of mango dodol processing considering mango fruit potential, which can hardly sold into the market on the harvest season. For farmers and breeders, there are practice and counseling of plant cultivation technology in dry land, compost manufacture technique and fodder done in the compost house. Afterwards, referring tot the potential and beautiful beach of Br. Penida, Crystal Bay, counseling on the tourism and law field are held at the Penida Balai Banjar, that is attended by several members and figures in the community as well as local tourist guidesNusa2

In the closing event, Head of Sakti  Village, Agus Made Alep, express high appreciation to the Director of Postgraduate Program Udayana University, looking at the tremendous community enthusiasm in this event. Moreover, Sakti Village has just received assisted program from Udayana University KKN students. Like a wish come true, this program felt perfectly fit with this year service theme: “Synergies for Continual Quality Improvement”. In the age of 22, Udayana University Postgraduate Program strengthened all its program according to its vision and mission of producing excellent, independent, and cultured graduates. Long Live Postgraduate Program Udayana University!

Selection Result Announcement of New Students in Even Semester 2014





Selection Result Decree

Rector of Udayana University has decreed on new students admission selection result of Postgraduate Program, PPDS Combined Degree, and Profession Program Udayana University Even Semester Phase 1 Academic Year 2014/2015.


  1. Education Tuition Payment, Online Registration, File Submission, and other requirements will be announced at the 13th of January 2015.
  2. Registration Requirements

    1. Fulfill education tuition payment through SPC System at Bank BNI according to its own program.
    2. Fill all files/online registration forms completely and correctly.
    3. Submit all files of Registration requirements as follow :
      1. Test Participant Card.
      2. Education Tuition Payment Receipt according to attached table.
      3. Authentic Prove of Online Registration that has completely filled and signed by the person mentioned ( 2 copies ).
      4. Copy of the latest Certificate and Academic Transcript that has already legalized.
      5. Shows the authentic certificate to the registration committee.
      6. Obliged to give an active email address on the time of registration.

submitted to :

New Students Addmission Committee

Postgraduate Program, PPDS Combined Degree, and Profession Program Udayana University on Education Division, Academic Administration Bureau of Rector Building at Bukit Jimbaran Phone. ( 0361 ) 701954, ext, 110, 109.

Thank you for your attention.

Postgraduate Program, Specialist Doctor Combined Degree, and Profession Udayana University will held admission test for all students on the New Students Admission of Even Semester Academic Year 2014/2015. The test includes :

  1. Basic Competency Test and Interview held at each Program on Friday, 10th of October 2014. For the schedule and location of the test, student candidates are expected to contact each program.
  2. Academic Potency Test (TPA) and TOEFL held by the Postgraduate Program Udayana University.
    • Test schedule : Saturday, 11th of October 2014
    • Test time : 08.30 up to 12.00 am
    • Class designation may be seen at this link : << Participant list and class designation of test participant >>
      Requirements on taking the test :

      • Participants are obliged to bring and show a valid Test Participant Card to the committtee at each designated class.
      • Participants are obliged to wear formal and proper clothes.
      • Participants are obliged to be preseent at the class in minimum of 30 minutes before the test began.
      • Participants are obliged to bring test stationaries (2b pencil, pen, eraser, sharpener, etc), since the committee will not provide these stationaries.
      • For further information, please contact New Students Admission Secretariat of Postgraduate Program, Specialist Doctor Combined Degree, and Profession of Udayana University with the address Jl. PB. Sudirman Phone. (0361) 223797 Denpasar.

Thank you for your attention.



New Students Admission for Even Semester 2014

Postgraduate Program, PPDS Combined Degree, and Profession Program Udayana University will reopen the admittance of new students candidate for Master Program, Specialist Doctor, and Profession Program. Registration will be opened from the 15th – 26th of Septermber 2014 through online system at the page http://www.pendaftaran-pasca.unud.ac.id.

List of the Program and New Students Admission Schedule for Even Semester 2014